Need some time for you?

Your private retreat is waiting. 

Your exclusive Jackson Hole Retreat

When at home, you are always “on,” running kids, cooking, cleaning, and working overtime. These retreats are inspired by Dr. Eckart’s transformative experiences on her own solo getaways. Taking time away and for yourself, is truly the ultimate reset. So come alone or bring your best friend(s)… a private retreat is exactly what you need! 

I want to know more about you!

Perfectly Customized Retreat

After a thorough questionnaire, you will have a consult with me, Dr. Kayla Eckart. I want to know everything you are willing to share! Your favorite food, past-time, even how you like your coffee. Once you share more about yourself, we can customize your retreat to your unique needs, goals, and preferences.

Looking to rest and relax?

Receive massages, healing treatments and allow time for slow mornings and evenings by sunset or the fire.

Feeling adventurous?

There are endless hiking trails, lakes, waterfalls and wilderness trails by horseback.

Upscale cuisine and specialty cocktails?

Jackson is overflowing with fine dining experiences.

Hoping to see a bear and wildlife?

You will have your own local tour guide! No need for crowded busses, Kayla knows the scenic routes well!

Love driving and sight seeing?

Then this is your ideal playground! Grand Teton National Park is right here with lakes, scenic views, marinas and water to dip your toes in.

Is Yellowstone on your bucket list?

To be honest, you will be so close and Yellowstone is definitely a must see!  If you haven't been, Old Faithful and other Yellowstone attractions are only a few hours away.