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Dr. Kayla Eckart

Hi, I am a Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a decade of experience in women's health. I have helped women with their fertility, through their pregnancy, and throughout motherhood. For me, it all started with assisting Nurse Midwives with over 50 home birth deliveries. My whole medical practice is focused on healthy motherhood from the earliest stages to enjoying toddlers and teens.

As a mother, I understand the weight of responsibilities that comes with preconception planning, fertility and raising children in this day and age. My first pregnancy was delayed due to hormone imbalance and hypothyroidism. I now have two boys (7-years and 4-years-old) and am expecting with my third in January 2024. 

I support women and mothers who are ready to focus some much needed AND deserved energy back on themselves. My mission is to guide those who are ready to feel and look their best.  I am here for YOU... the mom!

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